Candid Commentary

On the biggest Fintech & Financial Services stories of the week that was

(and some other random stuff ….)

** Please note – the show has been put on hold due to personal commitments of the team – if you’re interested in bringing it back to life by sponsoring the team then please reach out to one of the team members.**

Show format

Inspired by British TV classics like “Mock the Week”, “Have I Got News For You” and many more, this was NOT your normal video / vlog / podcast format. Each week, the quizmaster questioned the contestants on the Fintech and Financial Services stories of the week that was, while they in turn attempted to score points off the ruthless judge through a combination of witty, snarcastic (and occasionally insightful too we hope) responses.

The judge’s decision was final, even though points and penalties may have beeen arbitrarily awarded

It's a quiz show - complete with buzzers, bangers, bongers and bingers

Meet the team

The core team consists of a Belgian, an American, a Brit who lives in Poland and a Saffa who lives in Britain – any of which could invite a friend to join the show at any time (except for the Saffa – we don’t think he has any friends 🤪)



Rik is "the sensible one" in the show and he will try his best to keep things on track (good luck with that Rik!). He has plenty of experience from running his own weekly show "The Banking Scene Afterwork" but we're not sure that's going to do him much good here!



Mary has been a Banking and Fintech reporter for over 10 years and has an ear for BS - which made her the perfect candidate to judge the commentary provided by the two "contestants". Her decisions are final (even though they might be totally arbitrary).



Chris has been involved in Financial Services longer than anyone can remember - including himself (although that's probably because his memory is failing but don't let him know you know). If you don't know who Chris is then do you even work in Financial Services?

The Other Guy

Andrew Vorster

The other guy is really only here to be Chris's verbal sparring partner - thankfully he's a thick skinned South African (who sort of speaks English if you can understand his accent) who doesn't mind Chris taking the Mickey out of him at every opportunity as they're old friends.

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